5 Ways to Grow Your Blog With Pinterest


Having a blog can be really beneficial to your business. We started a blog a few months after launching our design studio because we wanted to share my business journey as creative entrepreneurs and also all of our knowledge in regards to branding, brand identity, and business.

One of the most valuable tools that has helped us grow our audience and increase our site traffic is Pinterest. If you are publishing content on a blog or online magazine I highly encourage you to add Pinterest to your marketing strategy.

Why use Pinterest?

When you write a blog post and you share it with the world on social media, by the next day it’s already old news and you can’t guarantee that all your followers saw your post. It’s also difficult to get new traffic to older blog posts but with Pinterest your blog posts can have a never-ending life span.

How Pinterest Works

We all know that Pinterest is a social media platform but you might not have thought of it as a search engine as well. I often go to Pinterest before I go to Google when I’m looking for business advice or blogging advice. I also like how visual it is.

In the same way that Google ranks websites, Pinterest ranks pins.

The better-ranking pins will show up at the top of your audience’s feed while lower-ranking pins will show up lower in the feed (just like Google search results). In order to have your pins show higher up in your audience’s feed you’ll need to upgrade your Pinterest!

Below I’ve outlined 5 ways that you can upgrade your Pinterest that will result in higher traffic to your blog. Since implementing these 5 strategies over the last six months, my Pinterest profile has skyrocketed and is now growing by 100 new followers every four days. It may take a little while to see results but give it time and you should start to see amazing results.

1. Set Up Rich Pins

What are rich pins? As Pinterest defines it: Rich Pins are Pins that include extra information right on the Pin itself. This information can range from detailed cooking instructions, pricing information on a product, author information on articles and more. For blog posts rich pins will show the post title, a blurb, the website it came from and the favicon. In the example below you’ll see how the extra information provided helps let users know what to expect if they click on the pin. It also helps brand your pins.

5 Ways to Grow Your Blog With Pinterest.png

2. Establish Who Your Audience Is + Get Focused

As a blogger, you know how important it is to get focused with the audience you serve, what their tastes are, and how your content helps them. In the same way that you do this for your blog, it is also important to do this for your Pinterest profile. In my Little Trailer Studio blog I share helpful tips to help creatives forge their own path. The main categories I blog about are creative pursuits, design, and business. Topics that I cover are social media marketing, content marketing, client acquisition, branding, brand identity, pricing strategies, and even some inspirational blog posts, to name a few. My Pinterest reflects those topics and my brand mission. Likewise, if you take a look at the Station Seven Pinterest profile you'll see how the boards reflect the brand. Take a look at your Pinterest profile. Does it reflect your blog’s brand and mission? Are you pinning for yourself or are you pinning for your audience? Once you start to see Pinterest as a search engine and marketing tool I think it’ll help make the next step much easier which is to clean up your boards and profile.

Grow Your Blog With Pinterest.png

3. Clean Up Your Boards + Profile

When I first started using Pinterest I had a board for party planning, one for cute cats and small birds, so my Pinterest was all over the place. Now that I have a business it’s become important to pin things that are relevant to my audience and not pin things that are interesting solely to me. Go through your Pinterest and delete boards that are not relevant to your audience. If deleting sounds too scary then turn these boards into secret boards. I have a ton of secret boards that I use for my personal stuff that isn’t really relevant to my audience. Pinterest, as well as other social media channels, is a way for your to be a resource for your audience. So create boards that add value to your audience and that reflect your brand. Next go within each board and delete pins that are not relevant and pins that have not been repinned. Pins that are not repined rank lower in the Pinterest feed. Pins that don’t link to a website also rank lower in your audience’s feed so delete those pins accordingly. This can take a while, so allow yourself to set time aside each day for a week until the job is complete, it doesn't all have to be done in one night.

4. Upgrade Your Blog Post Graphics

In earlier Pinterest days the pins that got repined the most were photos that were impeccable and gorgeous. If you have a lifestyle blog where you feature interiors and style then these type of photos are still great to pin. But having gorgeous photos is not a requirement to have pins that stand out. In fact, you may want to add some text to your photos to help them stand out. Take a look at the pins below. Some of them incorporate photography but many of them are more typographic. Take a look at your brand’s style and create Pinterest graphics that are inline with your brand identity. Don’t be afraid to mix it up. I love the way Station Seven has a few different layouts for their pins but they all have a similar feel and matches their brand aesthetic. And good news, if you want to create beautiful pins but don't know where to start, check out their Pinterest Canva Bundle! Another thing you’ll notice from the examples below is that all of these pins are vertical. Vertical pins stand out much more than horizontal pins.

If your blog consists of horizontal graphics you can still use vertical posts for Pinterest. One of the online mags I read constantly, My Domaine, does a great job at this. The photos they use on their site are mostly horizontal and they’re all very lifestyle. Their strategy consists of posting both the horizontal image and creating a separate graphic with the article title. So as you can see from the examples below, adding the article title gives more of an incentive to click through to read the full article. Imagine you are browsing Pinterest and looking for inspiration on studio apartments. Which pin are you more likely to click on?

Ways to Grow Your Blog With Pinterest.jpg
Grow With Pinterest.jpg

5. Pin Often + Join Group Boards

The final step in your Pinterest upgrade is to pin often. Using an app called Tailwind I’m able to pin about 100 pins a day. Say what?! Those pins consist of 80% other people’s pins and 20% of my own pins. Pinning often is one of the fastest way to grow your Pinterest followers which in turn will widen your reach. If you’re wondering how you’re going to make time to repin that often, don’t worry. Pinning often does not take up much of my time. Tailwind allows me to schedule out my pins in advance. Another great feature is they loop pins, so your old posts will show back up for new followers or followers that didn't see them previously! I know there are other apps out there that help schedule pins so feel free to try them all to see which one you like best.

Another way to increase repins is to join group boards. Joining group boards is a great way to widen your reach. One of the group boards that I have joined has 6.8 thousand followers. That is a much bigger audience than the audience that I currently have. I pin my blog posts to that board so that I am able to reach more people. When looking for group boards to join here are a few things to keep in mind: is this board aligned with your brand and mission, how many followers does the board have, how often are pinners pinning to that board, and how often are they getting repins?

Make Your Own Rules

I want to end this post by reminding you to make your own rules. It’s important to note that once you implement these tips you may want to adjust accordingly. For example, not all my pins are vertical. I have some that are more horizontal in nature because they are logos and not blog posts. So whatever business tips you choose to implement, be sure they are aligned with your brand and that they are right for you which might mean changing things up and modifying your tactics.

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