How to Create a Killer Launch Plan That Gets You Noticed


If you’re gearing up to launch your new product or website, it’s so important to have a marketing plan in place. You’ve worked so hard to create an amazing offering, so when you launch, you want to see your biz take off! 

All too often, a launch plan is overlooked. It's easy to find ourselves spending all of our time finishing the product or site and rushing to hit publish... then crickets.

While you’re excited about your product to hit the market, your customers won’t be unless you implement a launch plan that creates buzz. If the launch of your new product or website is on the horizon, don’t fret. Here's how to create a launch plan that gets your product noticed!

First Things First: Plan, Plan, Plan!

This might seem like a simple one, but setting aside time to create your plan is crucial prior to launch. A launch plan doesn’t look the same for every business, so it’s important to take into account things like the industry you’re in, who you’re trying to reach, your competitors, and what’s unique about your offering.

Remember that sometimes, it’s better to push back your launch date if it means making your strategy more effective. Rather than rushing into it, make sure you’ve sat down with your team and that everyone is on the same page. You’ve only got one shot at being new to the market, so you want to make it count!

Identify Your Customer & Make it About Them

One of the most common mistakes made in business is that we focus too much on the details of our offering and not enough on our customer and how it can benefit them. While everyone on your team is excited about all of the details of your new product and how amazing it is, your customer is more concerned about their problems and how the product will make their life easier.

A brand who does an amazing job of this is Casper. Rather than focusing on advertising each individual feature of their mattress, the company emphasizes how it will benefit you—getting a good night's sleep. Casper understands that customers are much more interested in this than the exact technology behind their mattresses.

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The key here is to not focus too much on each individual aspect of your product and why it’s better than other ones on the market--show your customers how they can benefit from using it!

Build Your Tribe

When it comes to your launch plan, don’t go it alone. Get industry experts, bloggers, and influencers on your team prior to launch! Whether your company has a history or you’re launching for the first time, working with opinion leaders is an amazing strategy because they can spread the word and get people excited about what’s to come.

The reason we see so many companies working with influencers today is that it creates a need in the market for what you have to offer. It’s an amazing way to get people talking about you before you even launch, which can make getting press a lot easier. This will give you a great foundation and allow you to start converting the moment you launch.

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So how can you get influencers on board?

  1. Start by doing your research and finding the right influencers to reach out to. This is such an important step because you want the influencer to help you reach your overall goals. Consider things like their reputation, the type of following they attract, and their content creation style. Don’t just work with anyone who says yes - be picky! After all, it’s your business that you’re trying to promote.
  2. Once you’ve identified who you want to work with, reach out to them! Give them plenty of information about your company and product and do so in a compelling way to create something they want to be a part of.
  3. Finally, always be sure to give influencers incentive—are you going to be sending them free product? Paying them? Re-posting their content on your account to give them exposure? Be sure to communicate why it’s a win-win for them to work with you.

A company who has done an amazing job of this is L’Occitane.Take a look at how they’ve partnered with influencers to create amazing user-generated content that promotes their new advent calendar:


Set Up A Pre-Order Strategy

If you’re going to be working hard to create hype about your product prior to launching, be sure you have a pre-order strategy in place. This way, customers who are intrigued can secure their spot in line right away.

While this might not always be possible due to pricing and other details, it’s an amazing way to secure sales from people who are already interested. If you can’t give your customers the option to pre-order, at least give them a way to get on the inside and receive updates leading up to the launch!

An effective strategy might be to offer 20% off your first order to the first 100 people who sign up for your email list. This will benefit both you and your customers because it will provide them with a discount and help you to start building your subscriber list.

Make Your Launch an Event

Hosting a digital launch party with the right people there can do wonders for your business. Whether you’ve created a new site or are rolling out a new line of products, having an event for your launch can provide you with networking opportunities and the chance to show people the amazing things you’ve been working on!

Plus, if your attendees love the event you put on, they’re likely to share it on social media which can create even more buzz! So, consider creating a hashtag for the event and maybe even sending out some freebies so people can try it first-hand.

Encourage Customers to Share

Last but not least, an amazing way to gain exposure for your business is to release something that your customers will want to share with their audience. Now more than ever, people buy based on recommendations, so keep this in mind when marketing your product!

To incentivize customers to share your product, consider setting up a referral program or even giving shout-outs on your social accounts to customers who share your products on theirs. A brand who does an amazing job of featuring happy customers on their social media and running a successful referral program is EyeBuyDirect.


At the end of the day, remember that building community around your product and connecting with your customers from the beginning is what will help your biz to really take off. What are your favorite tips for creating a launch plan?Let us know in the comments below!

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