How to Create Cloaked Affiliate Links in Squarespace


Most business owners these days have some sort of affiliate marketing set up and featured on their website, social media channels, etc. Through affiliate marketing, you can earn commission by referring traffic to specific sites through your unique URL id. The company you partner with can track the number of visitors and customers they receive as a result of your affiliate link promotion.

The problem is, most affiliate links your receive from companies aren’t the prettiest URLs or the easiest for your customers to remember for future reference. Through this post, we will be sharing an easy and simple way to create cloaked affiliate links in your Squarespace website.

Why link cloaking?

Link cloaking through your site allows for your to create better looking URLs, plus it provides your website visitors with a higher level of trust since the cloaked URL looks more in line with your brand (and not some random alphabet soup). By building that trust with your website visitors, you will have a higher clickthrough rate. More clicks, more affiliate income - you get the idea.

How to create your cloaked affiliate link

Within your Settings menu select Advanced and then URL Mappings. Through this window, you can redirect specific URLs on your website to other links outside of your site. Reference the format below for your cloaked link.

URL mappings.png
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Here’s how to format your cloaked link URL mapping:

/cloaked-link -> 301

The first part of the URL mapping is the URL we want to display. In our example /cloaked-link refers to the pretty URL that we want to use. This would equate to for our website.

The next URL is the actual affiliate link that is provided by your affiliate marketing program. This is the unpretty link that we are trying to cloak!

The 301 simply means that this is a permanent redirect.

Easy, right?

Here is an example of one of our own cloaked affiliate links for ConvertKit (our fav email marketing software):

/go/convertkit/ -> 301

Now, we can connect our affiliate link to Convertkit through this much prettier link while still being credited for any traffic we send their way. Click here to see it in action (ps. this IS an affiliate link)!

Note: it is still important to have a disclaimer on your site informing your visitors that you do use affiliate links. Link cloaking should not be done as a way to hide the fact that you are using affiliate links.

Have any questions about affiliate links? Be sure to add them in the comments below!

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