How to Set Up Pinterest Rich Pins on WordPress


Rich pins are one of our favorite Pinterest tools; they identify all pins from your site on Pinterest by showing your favicon and website name underneath each image and just look plain cool. Below is an example of what one of our rich pins look like!

Essentially, these golden nuggets create a consistent brand experience and can increase Pinterest traffic to your website by allowing your content to stand out and be easily recognized as your own! Bonus, setting up Pinterest rich pins is super easy and quick to do with our latest tutorial below - yay!

How to Set Up Pinterest Rich Pins on WordPress.png

Install the Yoast SEO Plugin

To setup rich pins, you have to add meta tags to your site. Luckily, the Yoast SEO plugin makes all of this super easy to do without getting technical. Not only will this plugin help with verifying rich pins, it also helps with optimizing your site and content for search engines. You can find our tutorials on setting up the plugin and optimizing content in these links.

yoast SEO.png

Once you’ve activated Yoast, go to Social > Facebook and enable the Add Open Graph Meta Data.

Rich Pins on WordPress.png

Visit the Rich Pin Validator

Next, you need to visit Pinterest’s Rich Pin validator and insert a link from a post on your blog. It can be any post and only needs to be one, then click validate.

Pins on WordPress.png

Apply with Pinterest

Once the message your pin’s been validated pops up, click apply now. Then a pop up will show your site’s domain and HTML tags selected, click apply now again. Yay - you’re finished!

Pinterest Rich Pins on WordPress.png

Wait a few days for Pinterest to approve your site. Once you're approved, your pins will display your website’s name and favicon (Not sure how to set up your favicon? We created an easy guide with templates here). You're now on your way to killing it, not only on your blog, but also on Pinterest!

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