Three Simple Ways To Look Legit


Creating a professional and established business takes time and patience. Keeping all of the details straight can be tough, but are so worth it to create a high quality and trustworthy brand for your business!

Today we are talking about three simple ways to look legit. Sometimes they can be easily overlooked, but two of them you can definitely accomplish today!

Buy a Custom Domain

If your website looks like or - it’s time for an upgrade! Creating a clean URL really does show that you know what you’re doing and honestly it just looks better. So how do you get a custom domain? It’s easy! You can purchase a custom domain through Bluehost or Flywheel today and get one setup on your site now. If you need help, both have great customer service centers that can assist you!

Setup Email on a Custom Domain

After a customer checks your site out they might email you, getting back an email from doesn’t keep true to your brand like does. In a variety of small business groups, I’ve even seen some people go as far to say that they don’t pay much attention to a business if they email them without a custom domain. While this may seem harsh, it’s always good to be ahead of the game and look as legit as possible. With custom email domains you can have a variety of emails addresses for different aspects of your business, like,, or even using the names of employees. This keeps things organized and personal. You can setup a custom email with Google for $5 a month! That’s not bad at all. We do suggest setting up your custom domain first so you can use it as the email’s address.

Another note about custom domains and emails, getting rid of other business' names keeps the focus on your business. I remember when I was first looking at blogs, I would get confused by the or - which then turned into me googling it and sometimes forgetting about the blog altogether. Making these important pieces of your business cohesive will keep out confusion and keep your audience focused on you. Plus, who wants to type in when is SO much easier!

Use Strong Photos

Your photos, especially your "about photo", need to be clean and professional. Photos can make or break your beautiful website and branding. Curated photos are great for social media and other aspects of your business, but your “about photo” is very important! This image will show who you are and will often be the photo you share with others for things like interviews. Here are a few quick tips for a good about photo:

  • Keep the photo "on brand." You can use a texture or a white wall in your home, but don’t have your TV poking in the edge or a funky, distracting background. Of course, stay true to your brand. If vibrant colors and fun textures are part of your brand, don’t be afraid to add those in - just make sure it looks cohesive.

  • Check that the image isn’t pixelated or blurry.

  • Buy (if you’re investing) or rent a camera if you just need one quick photo, have a friend help you or do it yourself with a self-timer.

  • Hire a professional. A professional will not only assure you that you’ll have quality photos, but you will probably walk away with more than one image. You could also have them take photos for your brand to use on your website and social channels. This might be an investment, but we’re talking about looking legit and sometimes you need to spend a little money to do just that!

We hope these tips will help you feel more invested and grounded in your business. Take action today with simple steps and start creating a cohesive business. Soon you'll be too legit to quit (Sorry I couldn't help myself)!

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