5 Must Haves for a Perfectly Optimized Home Page

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Your home page is the first thing a new client or customer will see that shows off who you are, what you’re offering, and your brand’s vibe. It’s your chance to capture their attention, build credibility, and eventually lead them to buy from you!

It might sound intimidating, but with careful planning and design you can create an epic home page that drives new customers and readers to you. Below are the top five things you can do to create an effective home page that converts.

Write an enticing headline

Your headline should be larger than your other text and tell a visitor what you do and why it’s beneficial to them. You want this to intrigue them so that they keep reading your page, it also lets them know right off the bat if it’s something they can benefit from.

On our home page, we use large text to state how we help our audience and then give details about why it's beneficial to them in a smaller but bold text. This lets them immediately know if this is the right place for them. If it is the right place, it also lets them know that taking more steps on our site will help them accomplish a specific goal (converting customers, booking clients, making their dream business happen).

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Communicate your offering and the benefits of working with you

Give more detail about who you are and what problem you are solving for your potential customer or reader. You’ll want to save more of your “story” for your about page, but this can allude to why you stand out from the competition. You can also use this section to share testimonials from previous customers highlighting the benefits of working with you and how you've helped them.

Caylee Grey uses Coastal to showcase her course's offering and the benefits! Each area is broken down in an easy to read section that shows a different aspect of her course, like what you'll get, what's inside the workbook, who she is, and testimonials. All of this information works to build trust with her visitors, get them excited for the course, and make it a no-brainer for them to click that big ole' signup button.

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Create a call to action

When someone visits your site, you’ll want to make it clear and easy for them to move from one section of your site to the next. Create a specific, well-defined call to action for your audience to take once they’ve visited your home page. We suggest a call to action like signing up for your newsletter or a link to a free course you created for your target market.

On her Willow site, Chelle Morgan uses a call to action on the top of her home page to encourage readers to take an immediate action and sign up for her newsletter. The rest of her home page includes other actions to take like reading her blog or learning more about her, but primarily she wants people to signup for her newsletter so she makes it super obvious how to do just that.

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Craft a well-designed page

A well-designed home page is a key to building trust and credibility. No matter the copy or call to action, if the design is lacking your site won’t keep the attention of your potential audience. Create a balance of powerful imagery and just enough type, with white space to give your design breathing room. You’ll also want to check that your whole site, especially your home page, is responsive on all devices.

Each home page we've highlighted above not only features content that entices their audience, but also a layout that is easy to use and clean design that matches their brand aesthetic perfectly. They hit all of the key pieces of good design which help build trust and encourages visitors to look deeper at their offerings.

Make it easy to connect

Finally, once your home page has captured the attention of your audience and led them to your call to action, you’ll want to let them know where they can connect with you. Include links to all of your social channels and make it easy to find your newsletter opt-in form. This will make it easy for potential customers to connect and follow along with you where you can continue to build trust and get to know them.

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All of the home pages we've shared have links to their social accounts somewhere on the home page. Most are featured in the footer or at the top of the page, these are both good options especially if someone is glancing at the top or bottom of the page then they can easily find where to connect with you.

Creating a quality home page is a great first step towards connecting with your audience, building trust, and leading them into a sales funnel to eventually buy from you. We hope these tips help you when making design and copy choices, as well as any theme choices!

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What’s important to you for your home page? Any other must haves we missed? Let us know in the comments below!