Creative Spotlight: Caylee Grey

Welcome to our Community Spotlight, a series spotlighting our favorite creatives using Station Seven themes that are making their mark in the world. We’re talking to Caylee Grey, a wonderful artist, whose passion is bringing creativity and productivity together! She talks about the struggles of marketing yourself and how art made her more driven while helping her pursue her dreams!

Tell us about your business!

I love three things in life: art, productivity, and garlic. I blog about the two former over at Caylee Grey and I teach classes on them around the internet (my fave creative class and my fave productivity class can give you an idea).

How did you get started with everything, including your Get Messy Art Journal?

I used to live passively – I let life happen and good things would come to me. But not great things. Long story short, I started actively chasing deliberateness as a way to combat depression. One way in which I became goal driven was through art, and I love it because even if you suck, the magic of it is still there. I get over-excited when I see other people creating and so I joined forces with my internet BFF to create an art journal community that stemmed from our own desires to actually create instead of just dream about it.

What’s one of the biggest challenges you’ve faced along the way?

Feeling legit. It’s tough to feel like what you’re doing is bigger than who you are, especially when you put your name on the site. Every marketing effort feels like you’re bragging and I hate that. My response to that is to just do the work. The rest flows. Awesome people will be attracted to what you do if you put out good work, not clever marketing words. That works for me.

What would you say has been one of your biggest “wins”?

Encouraging over 1000 people to go from making nothing to making something in our art journal community. That’s pretty freaking cool. Every single art journaling page that is made with help from anything we’ve put out there is utter magic to me.

Did you have any help building your website or did you do it yourself?

I used a Station Seven theme for the base and personalized it myself. Each of my sites is running a Station Seven theme, I’m pretty much obsessed. 

Any advice for others looking to start out?

Work first, and the rest will follow. Also… inspiration is a lie. It’s gotta lead to action.

Lastly – where can we find you on social media?

@cayleegrey on pretty much everywhere, but Instagram is my fave

Author: Alex Austin

Alex is Station Seven’s right-hand gal hailing from the friendly Midwest and now living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. A strategizer at heart and social media wiz, Alex has a passion for engaging with creatives and empowering them to accomplish big things in biz and blogging. When she’s not busy being awesome online, Alex loves to spend time traveling, watching films at her local theater, and slow walks around her neighborhood. She’s also a talented creative herself and the maker behind Midland Candle Co.!

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