Creative Spotlight: Paper Fleur

Welcome to our Community Spotlight, a series spotlighting our favorite creatives using Station Seven themes that are making their mark in the world. Today we’re talking to Paper Fleur, a lifestyle blog by Ronee, who talks about the joys of looking back and seeing how far you’ve come as well as the importance of making friends in your industry!

Tell us about Paper Fleur.

Paper Fleur is a lifestyle blog based out of Oakland, CA that’s focused on making your story more beautiful. I share DIYs, recipes, home decor and adventures (near and far).

How did you get started with Paper Fleur?

I’m a trained screenwriter, so I spend a lot of my time working on scripts — usually at a cozy cafe, latte in hand (I’m not complaining). And while it’s super fun to be able to bring my characters’ stories to life, writing happens to be a pretty solitary lifestyle. And it’s just one part of my personality. There’s that other side of me that needs to get my hands dirty, whether it be from a little home improvement project or out on an adventure. I started Paper Fleur as a place to share creative pursuits that go beyond words on a page.

What’s one of the biggest challenges you’ve faced along the way?

I think starting was the hardest part for me. I wanted Paper Fleur to be amazing right out of the gate, but I’m learning to be a little kinder to myself. Sometimes I need to remember it’s more of a marathon than a sprint. That and the fact that running a blog requires you to wear so many different hats (writer, photographer, graphic designer, social media manager, etc.). Writing comes naturally to me, but the other stuff can have a pretty steep learning curve.

What would you say has been one of your biggest “wins”?

I think probably the growth in my photography. I still have a long way to go, but when I look back at where I was a year ago, I can see the improvement. Lightroom was this huge scary thing to me when I was starting out, but now that I’m much more comfortable working in it, I think it’s pretty fun using the tools to make my photos even better.

Did you have any help building your website or did you do it yourself?

I did have a little help from my husband (he’s a software engineer) when I was starting, but for the most part it’s been me. If I do have a question, I’m usually able to find the answer on the Station Seven website. I love that the Kindred theme allows me to incorporate gorgeous printable recipe cards into my blog posts. That was definitely a big selling point for me.

Any advice for others looking to start out?

Build friendships with other people in your industry. Especially people at a similar point in their journey. That way you can collaborate and figure things out together if you’re feeling stuck. Plus, it’s always fun to have a mid-week coffee date. Oh, and there are so many resources out there for bloggers. When in doubt, Google it. Chances are somebody has run into whatever issue you’re facing and has already written an article, made a Youtube video or podcast episode about it.

Lastly – where can we find you on social media?

I’m @roneeuyeshiro on Instagram and Pinterest and @paperfleur on Facebook and Bloglovin’.

Author: Alex Austin

Alex is Station Seven’s right-hand gal hailing from the friendly Midwest and now living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. A strategizer at heart and social media wiz, Alex has a passion for engaging with creatives and empowering them to accomplish big things in biz and blogging. When she’s not busy being awesome online, Alex loves to spend time traveling, watching films at her local theater, and slow walks around her neighborhood. She’s also a talented creative herself and the maker behind Midland Candle Co.!

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