Edit Colors

To edit the background color of boxes, borders and lines:

  • Double click on the square box on the layer you wish to edit.

  • The Color Picker window will open.

  • Select your desired color and click OK.

To edit the color of typography:

  • Select the Type tool to begin editing your typography.

  • Click on the layer of the text you wish to change the color of.

  • Highlight the text to be edited.

  • Click the top color swatch in the Color palette to open the Color Picker.

  • Select your color and click OK.


Alternate Step

Sometimes you might find you are unable to change the colors of certain lines. Here is an alternate way to change the color:

  • Double click on the layer to open the Layer Style window

  • Click on the Color Overlay tab and double click the colored box to change the color

  • Click OK to save your changes

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