Update + Import Demo Content


Before importing the demo content, make sure your theme is updated to the latest version. You can update by going to Appearance > Themes and following the prompts (if there is a newer version available).


This step introduces sample pages and menus into your site and is recommended for fresh installs as it will introduce new content into an existing site. You must allow the import several minutes to upload, do not click off the page until it has finished.

The themes include sample content like pages and posts to help you get started quickly.

  • To get started, click Tools > Import and then WordPress.

  • On the popup window that opens, click Install Now.

  • After installation, click Activate Plugin & Run Importer.

  • Choose the industry.wordpress.xml file and click Upload file and import.

  • Assign posts to existing user, and select whichever user account you like.

  • Check the box that says Download and import file attachments, and then click Submit.


If you receive failed to import errors similar to the ones below, you can continue setting up your theme. These errors are only dummy content that didn't import (i.e., sample pictures) and are not necessary to continue setting up your theme.

IndustryStation Seven