Advanced Customizations

Please note: We are unable to provide support for any changes made to the theme files or customizations beyond the demonstrated functionality - understand that this is a DIY endeavour. Do not edit the files located under Appearance > Editor; any changes made here will be overwritten during the next theme update.

This article will outline how you can make changes to the theme source files in a way that will be update proof (i.e., they won't be over written when you update the theme)

All changes to the theme files should be done using the Genesis Simple Hooks plugin.

  • Go to Plugins > Add New and then search for Genesis Simple Hooks. Install the first one that comes up.

  • Any changes can now be made by going to Genesis > Simple Hooks. There are a number of tutorials available online on how to customize Genesis child themes using this method.

Please remember, we are unable to provide any support for customizations made to the theme - understand that this is a DIY endeavor.

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