Setup Contact Form

Although the contact form is setup and styled, we need to update the 

"to" email address

 to ensure that visitor submissions are sent to the right place.

  • Go to Contact and click Kindred-Contact-Form.

  • Click on the Mail tab; here you can edit the To: address to your own email.

  • Click Save.

Important: We recommend submitting a test message through the contact form to confirm that the email makes it to your inbox.


If your contact form is not displaying properly (e.g., incorrectly sized "send" button or other fields), you can restore the default by pasting the following code into the "form" field of the contact form editor:

<div id="contactfields"> <div class="contact-input">[text* your-name placeholder "Name"]</div><div class="contact-input">[email* your-email placeholder "Email"]</div><div class="contact-input" id="subjectfield">[text your-subject placeholder "Subject"]</div> </div> <div id="messagearea"> [textarea your-message placeholder "Message"] </div> <div id="messagesubmit" >[submit "SEND"]</div>


As mail issues can be very specific to your server setup, please check out this article outlining solutions to many of Contact Form 7's common problems:

If you continue to run into issues sending email, it may be worth contacting your hosting provider (BlueHost, HostGator, etc.) as they have access to your server configuration and are better able to help you out.

Troubleshooting Tip: Contact Form Configuration Errors

You might receive a notice saying that your contact form has configuration errors. Here's how you can resolve the issue.

In your WordPress dashboard, go to Contact > select your current contact form > Click on the Mail tab and configure the fields as follows:

To: This is your email address that you want contact form submissions to send to:

From: Replace "yourdomain" with your domain name (for example, we put for our website):

[your-name] <>

Subject: Copy and paste the exact text below, no changes necessary:

Subject: [your-subject]