Edit + Format Text

Edit Text

To add your text, simply double click on the text box and start typing or paste your copied text using the Control/Command + C and Control/Command + V shortcuts.

To resize a text box to better fit your text, simply click on the left or right anchor and drag to the side. Once you're finished be sure to recenter it within the document.

Read Canva's full documentation on how to add and delete text here.

Format Typography

Canva makes it super simple to edit the look and feel of your typography. To do so, follow these easy steps:

  • Click on the text you would like to edit and highlight it

  • A drop down menu will appear, this is called the editor toolbar

  • Click on the different options to make your changes; you can change your font, font size, color, weight, style, justification, case, bullets and spacing.

Read Canva's full documentation on formatting text here.

For more help using Canva, head over to Canva Support where you can search their library of support articles and even get in touch with them directly.