Edit Layouts

Rearrange Elements

Your content is unique and as a result your layout and format will be too. To manipulate the format of your pages follow the steps below:

  • Select the element you would like to delete or move (you can select multiple elements by holding Shift while clicking on them or dragging your cursor around all of the elements).

  • To copy elements from other pages to the one you're working on, select all of the elements and click Copy in the top right corner and drag your elements to your page. Or use the shortcut Control/Command + C and Control/Command + V.

  • Be sure to check that all of your elements are aligned and your spacing is consistent.

Resize Shapes

For the workbook template, you'll likely need to resize some of your shapes depending on your question and how lengthy of a response you think someone might have. To this simply select the bottom anchor and drag it up or down.

For more help using Canva, head over to Canva Support where you can search their library of support articles and even get in touch with them directly.