Tips + Tricks

Zoom in + out

To easily zoom in and out while editing your template, use the shortcut Control/Command + (zoom in) and Control/Command - (zoom out).

Copy, rearrange + delete pages

To the right of each page you can see what page number you're on, rearrange its order, copy and delete it.

Add and move checkboxes

In the workbook and checklist templates, there are a number of checkboxes that you will need to rearrange based on your unique content. To do this follow these steps:

  • Zoom in so you can view the template more closely and be more precise. To zoom in use the shortcut Control/Command + and Control/Command - to zoom out.

  • To move the checkbox, select it and use your cursor or the arrow keys to move it up or down to align with the first line of your paragraph.

  • To add a checkbox, simply select an existing checkbox and make a copy. You can then use your cursor or arrow keys to line it up.

For more help using Canva, head over to Canva Support where you can search their library of support articles and even get in touch with them directly.