Image Dimensions

As Paloma uses a fully responsive layout, your images will be cropped and sized to the appropriate dimensions once you upload them to WordPress. As every user’s screen size will be different, the images will adapt to fit their space accordingly. There are no “hard” dimensions for images because of this, but here is an idea of where the different image sizes are used and some recommended image sizes. Unless otherwise stated, these are MINIMUM image dimensions for your images to display their best on Paloma. In all instances, your image will be cropped to proper ratio and downsized to the appropriate dimensions when uploaded to the theme. Use this list instead as a reference point for each of the different image locations.

Image Sizes

  • Header image: 3000 x 1700px (max size)

  • Header video: 16x9 aspect ratio and max file size 8mb Slider image: 1875 x 750px

  • Call to action blocks: 750 x 520px

  • Grid layout featured image: 750 x 520px

  • Row layout featured image: 1000 x 695px

  • Single page featured image: 100% width, 400px fixed height.

  • Custom back to top button: 140 x 140px

  • WooCommerce Shop page: 850 x 590px

  • WooCommerce product page: 850 x 590px


If your images aren’t quite displaying properly, we recommend regenerating your thumbnails following the steps here:

Tips for Reducing File Size

Lastly - don’t forget about your image file size when uploading. Reducing the file size before uploading to WordPress can help speed up your site and provide your visitors with a better user experience. Check out this article for a number of different ways to resize images depending on your operating system.

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