Paloma Page Builder

The Paloma Page Builder template allows you to create long scrolling style pages, multi-column layouts, and custom-looking pages without any custom code.

Getting started

To use the Page Builder, begin editing a page then select the Page Builder template in the Page Attributes window.


If the Page Attributes window is not visible, click on Screen Options at the top/right of the screen and check the box labelled Page Attributes.

Page Title Display

The Page Title Display options allows you to toggle whether or not the page title displays. For example when using this as the home page you might prefer to hide the title.

Content Sections

The Content Sections are the meat of the Page Builder. This is where you can add, remove and rearrange different content sections on your page. Each section type offers different different functionality and layouts, allowing you to create dynamic pages that are perfectly suited to your needs.

Adding Sections

To get started, click on the Add Section button to add a new section. You can also click on the "+" icon at the top of each existing section to add a new one in that spot.


Removing Sections

Click on the "-" icon to delete any unwanted sections.

Reordering Sections

Drag and drop the section by the title area to reorder it. You can click on the up arrow icon to collapse the sections, making them easier to reorganize.

Section Types

Masonry Section

Use this section to add a masonry grid linking out to any of your posts/pages/portfolio items/products or other content.

Title Text -Text you want to display before the content

Intro Content - Content that will display before the masonry grid

Masonry Items - Select the items you want to display in your grid. You can filter by category, posts, products, etc.

Title Display Style - Select how your titles will display, whether visible, hidden, or on hover.

Background Color - Select optional background color

Content Section

This section allows you to add any kind of content through the WYSIWYG content editor. In addition, you have a choice of either a 1, 2, or 3 column layout, plus an option button.

Title Text - Text you want to display before the content

Number of Content Columns - Number of columns you want your content displayed in

Column Content - The content that appears within each content

Column Width - A % width for each column

Background Color - Select a background color for this section

Background Image - Select a background image for this section

Text Color - Select the color of your text

Button Text - Enter text you'd like button to have, leave blank if you do not want to display a button

Button URL - The link you want your button to lead too

Content Width - Enter the maximum width for this section

Testimonial Slider

Easily display your customer/client testimonials, or share other snippets of text such as memorable or inspirational quotes using the Testimonial Slider section. Click on Add Testimonial to add additional items.

Title Text - Text you want to display before the content

Testimonial Slide - Enter the content you want on the slide under Testimonial Content and the content's attribute under Testimonial Attribution

Background Image - Select a background image for this section

Latest Posts

Highlight your latest blog posts using this section type. Optionally add content before and after the posts, select your number of posts, and optionally filter the categories displayed using the controls here.

Title Text - Text you want to display before the content

Content Before Posts - Enter any content you want to display before your latest posts

Number of Posts - How many posts you want to display

Content After Posts - Enter any content you want to display after your latest posts

Category Filter - Select the categories you'd like the post's to display from

Background Color - Select the background color you want to display for this section

Page Builder Examples

Check out these pages one the Paloma demo site that all utilize the Page Builder template.

Home Page

About Page

Contact Page

PalomaStation Seven