Paloma Shortcodes

Check out all these awesome shortcodes included with the Paloma theme. Want to add a button or two? No problem. How about some columns? Piece of cake. Isn't it nice when things work out that way? To use the shortcodes, simply paste the following text into your page/post editor and update the link text and url as needed. If you've started with the theme demo content, you can also copy and paste them from the shortcodes page included with the theme.


Large Button

[stnsvn-button-large url="" button_text="Large Button"]

Light Colored Button

[stnsvn-button-large-light url="" button_text="Light Button"]

Social Icons


Squiggle Accent Images

Large Squiggle Accent


Small Squiggle Accent



Spacers can be used to add vertical blank space to your page. These are helpful for controlling the space between elements on your page like paragraphs, buttons, etc. The default height for a spacer is 20px; the height collapses to 0px on mobile devices to play nicer with the responsive layout.

Standard Spacer (20px)


The spacer also has an optional height attribute. Set this value to any pixel value to customize the size of your spacer.

Custom Height Spacer

[stnsvn-spacer height="100px"]


Each row of columns must be wrapped in the following shortcode:


Within a row, you can use any combination of half or quarter-width columns, or do a row of third-width columns:

Half Width


Quarter Width


Third Width



To have a row with two columns, use the following shortcode and update the content with your own:

[stnsvn-col-row][stnsvn-col-2]Column 1 Content[/stnsvn-col-2][stnsvn-col-2]Column 2 Content[/stnsvn-col-2][/stnsvn-col-row]

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