Create Full-Width Instagram Footer

Below are steps to make the Instagram footer full-width and add a footer widget option below the Instagram footer. All of the steps are completed in the theme’s customizer, which can be found in Appearance > Customize. 1. Remove all of the newsletter footer widgets in Appearance > Customize > Widgets > Newsletter Footer.

2. Go to Additional CSS in the customizer and add the CSS from this support article:

@media screen and (min-width:768px){ #prefooter-ig { width: 100%; }  #prefooter .instagram-pics li { width: calc(99.99% / 6); } }

3. To add footer widgets below the full-width Instagram footer, go to Footer > Choose number of columns for footer > Select how many you need.

4. Go to Widgets > Select the footer you want to add your new widgets too.

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