Install Themes and Plugins


Our themes require a hosted installation of; you will be unable to install this theme if you are using If you require hosting and a domain name, we highly recommend going with Bluehost.They provide reliable and secure hosting and amazing support. Check out our detailed guide on setting up hosting and installing WordPress here.

We recommend getting started on a clean installation of WordPress 4.0 or higher; this provides the best starting point for the theme, and we cannot guarantee operation on existing installations or older versions. This guide assumes you are starting on a fresh install.


The zip file you downloaded must be unzipped before you upload it to Wordpress. If you receive the missing style.css stylesheet error message, you have not unzipped and will need to do so before uploading the theme.

Upload and activate the Parker theme.

  • Under Appearance > Themes, click Add New. Click Upload Theme and choose the file to upload.

  • Click Install Now. After installation, click Activate.


We’ve recommended a small number of plugins to help you get the most out of your theme.

  • On the message that displays near the top of the screen, click Begin installing plugins.

  • Select all plugins and from the drop-down menu pick Install and then click Apply.

  • Ensure that all plugins are installed and activated before installing the demo content.

ParkerStation Seven