Access Templates

You can access all of the Canva templates included in our social pack from this page. Click the image or the button below to access all of the templates. Use the legend below and scroll through the Canva template file to find the template you wish to edit.

Important: Do not edit the original templates! Before making any changes, be sure to select Use as Template in order to make a copy for yourself. You will need to do this for each new template you open.

If you notice that another user has edited any of the original templates by accident, please let us know by sending an email to so we can restore the templates.

If you click Edit by accident, make sure to click File > Make a copy before making any changes. Once a new tab opens with your document entitled “Copy of [template name]” you can begin editing.

Please note: If you’d rather use the Adobe Photoshop, they can be found in the download file included with your purchase.

Template Links