How to Move From Blogger to WordPress

You may have started a simple blog over on Blogger, but as wants and needs change you’ve soon realized you need an upgrade. You need something more reliable, compatible and customizable. You found WordPress and you’re realizing it could solve a lot of problems.  The only issue is the idea of moving from Blogger to WordPress seems daunting, especially when you consider keeping your content, rankings, and followers!

Well, today we want to take those worries away, we’ve set up an easy to follow guide on how to move from Blogger to WordPress without getting technical or losing your page rank.

Set up and hosting

We wrote a whole post about setting up WordPress and hosting, it gives you a step by step on configuring with a custom domain. Take a look and then come back here to transfer your content from Blogger to WordPress.

Export your blog on Blogger.

Log into Blogger and scroll down to Settings > Other. At the top of the page click Export Blog, a pop up will appear where you will want to click Download Blog. Save the file to your desktop or somewhere easily accessible.


Import blog into your WordPress site

Now you need to go to your WordPress dashboard and click Tools > Import > Blogger


The Blogger Importer plugin will pop up, you will want to select Install Now. Next it will take you to a new page where you’ll click Activate Plugin & Run Importer.


Upload the XML file you exported from Blogger then click Upload File & Import.


It will then ask you to assign users as authors or to import the previous author. After that – congrats! You’ve imported your Blogger content into WordPress. Now on to managing redirects and RSS feeds.

Install Blogger to WordPress plugin for redirects.

You will want to install the Blogger to WordPress plugin to redirect traffic and rankings to your new WordPress site. Go to Plugins > Add New and find the Blogger to WordPress plugin by: rtCamp.


After installing and activating the plugin, go to Tools > Blogger to WordPress Redirection > Get Code, then copy the code.


Next, go to your Blogger blog and click Settings > Revert to Classic Template at the bottom (if you’re not already using it). A new page will appear with “Edit Template HTML,” replace this code with the code you copied from the WordPress plugin.


You can check the redirects, by clicking on “View Blog” at the top of your Blogger page and by viewing a post from your Blogger account, if everything is setup correctly the links will send you to your WordPress site.


Redirect RSS Feed

Go to Blogger > Settings > Other > Post Feed Redirect URL > Add. Insert your WordPress feed URL, it usually reads like


You’re finished! You now have your Blogger content moved to your WordPress site with your Blogger site and RSS feed redirected. You will soon be in love with your WordPress site and all of its functionalities! Share your new website in the comments below – we love seeing them. If you have a new site and don’t know where to begin with customizations and design, be sure to check out our shop with modern WordPress themes for creative entrepreneurs, bloggers and makers. 

If you need help with the Blogger to WordPress plugin, you can contact their support team here.

Have you considered migrating your Blogger site over to WordPress? If you’ve already made the switch – how did the process work for you? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to check out your new site!

Author: Alex Austin

Alex is Station Seven’s right-hand gal hailing from the friendly Midwest and now living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. A strategizer at heart and social media wiz, Alex has a passion for engaging with creatives and empowering them to accomplish big things in biz and blogging. When she’s not busy being awesome online, Alex loves to spend time traveling, watching films at her local theater, and slow walks around her neighborhood. She’s also a talented creative herself and the maker behind Midland Candle Co.!

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  • Well, my experience of migration from Blogger to WordPress was via the tool of cms2cms. The convert wasn’t that hard as I expected it to be. I searched for a tool which will simply migrate my data quickly and not for an expensive price. So, I’ve found a great solution. I had to wait for half an hour to proceed the convert, though.. (not the promised 15 min), but the result has satisfied me. Think that an automated way of conversion might be better for people with any particular coding background.

    • Hey John, thanks for sharing your experience! I haven’t heard of CMS2CMS before, it’s cool to see that premium services like that are available for those looking for a more automated experience. I guess it mostly comes down to a combination of your budget and your desire to DIY it, with plenty of options available for everyone in between :)

  • Alex, thank you so much for this thorough and informative post! It was so helpful in guiding me through all the steps of a seamless move from Blogger to WordPress! :)