How to Setup Google Analytics on Squarespace

With any blog or business, knowing your website’s traffic and having the ability to analyze your audience is so important. This information helps you create the right content for your audience, post at the right times, see who your audience is, the list goes on! Knowing how to setup Google Analytics on Squarespace is a handy tool to have because it’s the top choice for gathering data.

Find Your Tracking Code

To start you’ll want to find your Google Analytics tracking code in your settings. In your Google Analytic’s account, click Admin in your menu then select Tracking Info > Tracking Code in the Property column.


Your tracking code is available at the top under Tracking ID.


Connect Squarespace with Google Analytics

After you have your Google Analytic’s tracking code, you can head over to the backend of your Squarespace site.

Click Settings, scroll to Website click Advanced > External Services. Then paste your Google Analytic’s tracking code in the Google Analytics Account Number field.




Guess what? That’s it. You are all setup to track Google Analytics on your Squarespace site. It may take a couple days for your analytics to display data, but don’t worry the stats will roll in soon. What are your favorite ways to utilize your statistics about your audience?

Author: Alex Austin

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