Asakemi Community Spotlight

In this community spotlight, we are learning all about lifestyle blogger Asakemi. She focuses on the minimal way of life, sharing her favorite tips on how to achieve the slow and simple lifestyle. She also posts about natural products and even plant-based recipes. Read more about her journey to creating her blog and finding the content she loves to write about!

Tell us about yourself!

I am Asakemi and I run the blog It is a minimalist lifestyle, beauty and wellness blog. On the blog, I primarily share tips on embracing and navigating minimalism, embracing a slow and simple lifestyle and also plant-based recipes. My goal is to share my journey with the hopes of encouraging others to live more mindfully and intentionally. 

How did you get started with your business?

My blog first started as an outlet for me. I wanted to challenge myself to try something new and I thought that by having a blog I would be challenged to actually go out more, experience life and have contents to share. I eventually ventured into sharing about organic and natural beauty. Being that I only use all natural products, I wanted to encourage others to be more aware of the ingredients in their beauty and household products. A few months later, I personally started decluttering my belongings and sharing this journey. I realized that minimalism was the tool I have been searching for. So I embraced it, and it has since opened my eyes to a host of other aspects of intentional living such as slow living. 


What’s one of the biggest challenges you’ve faced along the way?

My biggest challenge was growing an audience and promoting my blog. Being a shy and introverted person, I was nervous about having a lot of people who know me read my blog. So, I didn't promote it at all and that taunted my growth a lot. 

What would you say has been one of your biggest “wins”?

Honestly, for me, it would be finally finding clarity of the direction that I want the blog to go. I've had lots of ideas and played in a lot of niches, I finally feel like I am clear on what to focus on and what would make the most impact. Now I can just take that focus and create more valuable contents. 

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Did you have any help building your website or did you do it yourself?

I did get help from a friend of mine who is a web developer. He taught me the basics of setting up a blog and customizing it. I've built on that knowledge over time. But I've also always taken advantage of the help available with my hosting service as well as theme creator. Thank you, Station Seven team for all the help. 

Any advice for others looking to start out?

JUST START. Don't wait until it's all perfect, and until your theme looks amazing, JUST START. Things will never be perfect enough so just waiting or you will only delay yourself. Also, No, the blogging world is not too saturated for YOU. You are you and unique, your message shared from your perspective is unique to you and your tribe will be happy to read and connect with you. 

Is there anything else about your story you'd like to share? 

I wish I asked more questions, I wish I was bold enough to allow myself to connect with other bloggers and build a genuine community from the beginning. I would advise new bloggers to not hold back. 

Moreso, If you know that you want to make money blogging, keep that in mind as you settle on a niche and design your blog. Don't let anyone shame you or silence your desire to make money off something you’re passionate about. 

Lastly - where can we find you on social media?

You can find me on my blog - My lifestyle Instagram page is and my plant-based food and wellness page is My Facebook page is