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Nikki Villatoro

The Reality of Running a Business

Remember to always value yourself and push yourself, there may be moments where you may be taken advantage of but know that your work is worth what you make it! Also, work your butt off but don't forget to treat yourself with some good time off.

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Blake Blankenbecler

Honoring Yourself

“There is a great deal of talk about self-care, but it’s so much more than a face-mask or a manicure. Narrative Self-Care is about connecting deeply with yourself and caring for all parts of you, even the parts of you that feel rejected or unworthy. It’s learning to work with all these different parts of yourself instead of against them.”

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Niki Torres

On Doing-it-Yourself

“Try doing it at least once before hiring someone. Sometimes we're the first to rule ourselves out. There's much to be gained in doing it ourselves first because it helps us understand how it works and can hire a better person, or it could even be a catalyst to doing greater things…”

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Finding Your Focus

“I've had lots of ideas and played in a lot of niches, I finally feel like I am clear on what to focus on and what would make the most impact. Now I can just take that focus and create more valuable content. “

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Adrienne Lindsay

Making a Business Out of What You Love

“My start in business came about when I invited one of my mentors – an intelligent and intuitive woman – out for coffee. She knew how intense my life has been recently and encouraged me to reconsider how I was defining success. I had not considered launching my own business until she said, ‘You’re a great writer – why don’t you start your own business?’ In that same week, another mentor said the same thing!”

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Sam Laura Brown

Breaking Perfectionism

“Don't expect to feel comfortable or motivated. It's something that everyone one says but most people still think they would be more successful if they didn't have so much fear or they felt more motivated. We all have fear and none of us feel motivated all the time (or even most of the time). You don't need the fear to go away, you just need to learn how to take action anyway.”

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Atlas Supply Co

Backpack Makers + Risk Takers

“Take chances, make mistakes, and get messy. It can be so overwhelming to start out and you keep thinking ‘it’s not perfect yet, it won’t work unless it’s perfect’. But it’s not a math equation that has one answer and that’s the pathway you take to success. It’s a constantly changing battle of trial and error. If you love it and you want it – go for it.”

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Emily Bode

Designer, Writer + Creative Thinker

"I was such a serious, over-analyzing, and doubtful child. Blogging helped me unearth a lot of those layers because writing has always been like holding up a mirror for me. It nudged me out of my comfort zone on my own terms, becoming a safe space to explore my thoughts and feelings on career, relationships, and my creativity."

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Me & Orla

Instagram expert, writer + coach

“I grew a following really quickly, so I started my blog, and then it gradually evolved into my dream business, and I was able to quit my day job. What began as a personal website has had to evolve to take heavy traffic and house a variety of functions, and I’ve had to learn to do the same!”

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Love Cloth

Denim Lover + Photo Taker

“Do it, there’s plenty of room in the pond for us all. Just do it for the right reason. Do it for the passion of being creative and being you. It can be disheartening at first when you spend a few months talking to yourself but if you’re passionate it makes it worthwhile.”

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Mama, painter, illustrator + traveller

“It wasn’t until I started sharing my work that my creativity really soared. Not everything has been an obvious success, but every time I put something I’ve made out there, I’ve pushed my boundaries and learned more about myself and my process, what works and doesn’t work. It can be pretty intimidating and vulnerable, but that growth is the overall win.”

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Ink & Honey Design Co.

Wandering online design studio

“Just begin. Honestly, this is one of the most important things I’ve learned over the past year; just start. There’s no point waiting for everything to be perfect, the quicker you get yourself out there the more time you have to learn, grow and adjust until you reach where you’d like to be.”

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Allison Lindstrom

Blogging expert + working mama

“Not only did I make a full-time income that month despite taking off so much time from work, but it turned out to be my best month that quarter. Being able to contribute financially to my family while still taking care of them is by far my biggest win!”

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