Manage Footer

The footer is the bottom area of your theme that displays on all pages and posts. Here there are widget areas, some themes contain a full-width Instagram footer and the copyright text area. The screenshot below shows the three different areas, please note that they can be in a different order. The footer widgets can be managed in Appearance > Customize > Widgets and the footer settings (i.e. number of columns) can be managed in Appearance > Customize > Footer.

wordpress footer.png


Similar to the sidebar, the widget area on the footer has 3 sections you can add widgets too. If you decide to only use less than 3 sections, you may need to adjust which section your widgets are in.


The Instagram footer can be added in Appearance > Customize > Widgets > Full-Width Footer and add the Instagram widget. Here you can set the appropriate settings for the Instagram widget.


At the bottom of the theme is the copyright text bar. While it’s commonly used for copyright or disclaimers, you can type whatever you like here. To edit this section go to Appearance > Customize > Widget.

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