Use Google Fonts

The Typography section under Appearance > Customize > Typography allows you to edit the typography styles across the website theme and includes support for Google fonts. Google Font Link Code – In order to use Google Fonts, they must be installed on the website. It’s recommended that you install all weights of a font in order to maintain consistency throughout the site. Here are the steps to find the Google Font Link Code:

  • Go to Google Fonts and browse the fonts and styles you’d like to use.

  • Click + Select This Font for each style you want to use.

  • Once you’ve selected your fonts, in the bottom right of the screen click on the black collapsed window

  • Go to Embed This Font – click on Standard and copy this link

  • Paste this link somewhere like a text editor for safe keeping

  • Copy only the section within the quotes starting with ‘http://…’ (e.g.,,700)

  • Go back to the WordPress customizer and paste that code in the Google Font Link Code field

  • You can now enter the font family name into either the fields for Primary Font Family, Body Text Font Family or use it in your CSS.

Here’s a handy screenshot for an accompanying visual. For example, if you were using the fonts Old Standard TT and Rubik, here’s how you would find the link:

PalomaStation Seven