How to Enable/Disable Comments in Squarespace (and why you want them)


Creating a platform for conversation with your website visitors is a great way to gain trust, position you as a go-to source for information and allow your audience to grow. Your blog is a huge gateway to accessing a new audience and keeping up with an existing one. An effective way we do this through our blog is by interacting with the comments.

If you have a blog for your business or brand, we highly recommend enabling your comments on your content. You may not know, but Squarespace often has these disabled by default—read on to find out how to enable comments on your Squarespace blog!

Add Creditability to Your Content

Comments show readers the popularity of your site, adding to the overall creditability of not just your blog post content, but your website content as a whole. Once a visitor takes a look at your blog and grows comfortable with that level of information, they will continue to browse around your site. They will learn more about you and your services and potentially book a call with you or make that purchase. Win, win.

Increase Your SEO

Encouraging comments on your blog posts will help increase your SEO reach. A major plus we can get behind. Comments allow for additional relevant content, keywords and more to be pulled from your website to help you show up in more Google search results. Plus, frequently engaged with content and content that has been engaged with recently is another signal to Google that yep, this is high quality content right here!

Keep the Conversation Going

Notes or comments from your readers is also an excellent way for your audience to provide additional information to your post that you may have not already included, such as elaborating on an idea you had or posing a question that wasn’t addressed initially. Responding and interacting with these posts back is key to continuing encouraging comments in the future. If a reader sees an unanswered question in the comments section from six months back, they won’t be as willing to write that question in that text box and hit post. Keep an eye on comments and respond frequently. Make it a habit of yours!

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How to Enable Comments in Squarespace

To access your comment settings, select Settings in the Home menu. From there click Blogging. Underneath that menu, click Comments Settings. This is the window where you can customize your comment section to your liking. For our blog we have all of the available options selected. We also have newest first for our comment sort order. You can learn more about each available setting here!

While the option to enable or disable comments on your blog is entirely up to you, we have personally seen great engagement and conversations happen in our comment section. Give it a shot for your blog as well and see what you think! Let us know how it goes!

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