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What is your refund policy?

Since our shop sells non-tangible digital products that cannot be returned or exchanged, we sadly cannot issue refunds after the purchase is made. Please be sure to thoroughly review the theme demos, WordPress and Squarespace requirements, and programs required for design kits prior to purchasing.

Do you currently have any promotions?

We run promotions quite frequently; check our announcement bar above to see if one is on right now. We also send subscriber-exclusive promos and freebies, so be sure to join our mailing list!

How often do you release new products?

We are always working on new designs! Be sure to join our mailing list for our latest promos, new products and helpful resources!

How do I download the files?

Once your payment is complete you’ll be directed to a page with a download link and support instructions. You will also receive an order confirmation email with this same download link. While this usually happens within minutes, it can take up to 24 hours to process your payment. If you feel your payment has gone through and you still haven’t received a download link, get in touch with us and we’ll make sure you get the files you purchased!

What is your support policy?

We offer friendly and helpful email support to help you get the most out of your design! Simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page. You can read our full support policy here.

What currency is your shop in?

All of our prices are in USD. If you are outside of the United States your credit card or PayPal (whichever method you use to checkout) will convert the price to your home currency at their current exchange rate.


Design Kits

Do I need Photoshop to use the files?

Most of our design kits can be edited using either Adobe Photoshop CS4 (or higher) or Canva (free online image editing software).

Only our Mockup Toolkit and Branding Kit require Adobe Photoshop for editing.

You can download a free trial of the latest version of Photoshop here.

Are the fonts included with the design kits?

All of our design kits utilize free fonts – you can find the names of the specific fonts used and where to download them in the gettingstarted.pdf file included in your download.

How do I access the Canva templates?

We've included a "StartHere.pdf" file in your download that includes links and directions on how to access the Canva templates.

Do the files work with Canva?

Yes! Most of our design kits can be edited using Canva (free online image editing software).

Only our Ladypreneur Mockup Toolkit and Ladypreneur Branding Kit require Adobe Photoshop for editing.

How do I edit the templates?

You can find detailed documentation on how to use all of our templates in our help center.

The Canva designs look messed up!

It's possible the Canva templates may have been overwritten—simply contact us through the form below and we'll restore the original designs!


Squarespace Kits

How do I use the Squarekit? What’s included?

Each Squarekit includes immediate access to our step-by-step video instructions for you to recreate the exact same design seen in our demo sites. Plus, you will receive a unique download link containing all Photoshop graphics files used in the design, social media templates and more! Once you've purchased the Squarekit, login here to get started.

Do I need my own hosting + domain name?

Nope! All Squarespace accounts include hosting, and all annual paid accounts include a free custom domain for hassle free setup.

Should I Use Squarespace or WordPress?

We suggest using whichever you feel most comfortable with and like the design of best.

Do I need Photoshop?

No! Most of our Squarespace kits (like Elise James, Flourish and Lady Nomad) include graphics that can be edited online using Canva, in addition to Photoshop .PSD files (if that's more your thing).

For our Willow, Acadia, Fable and Eiderwild Squarespace kits, all graphics files come as .PSD files only, requiring Adobe CS4 or newer. If you don’t already have Photoshop, you can download a 30 day free trial here.

Can I add a shop?

Of course! All of our Squarekits are compatible with Squarespace’s shop feature and are designed to match perfectly.

Are Squarekits mobile and retina ready?

Yes! Our Square Kits are fully responsive and display beautifully across desktop, mobile and all devices in between.

Can I customize the site design?

You sure can! After viewing our video tutorials, you will be a Squarespace master - adding your own flair to the site design is easy using Squarespace’s drag and drop interface and built in design settings.

Do you offer customization?

Sadly we don’t offer any customization services for Squarekits. We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to handle on your own though, plus you’ll learn your Squarespace site inside and out making future customizations a breeze.

Can I add my own logo, fonts, colors?

Absolutely! It’s super easy to add in your own logo and images, or change the colors and fonts. We’ll even show you exactly how to do it so you’re not left guessing.

Do I need a knowledge of Squarespace?

Not at all - whether you’ve used Squarespace before or are a total noob, we’ll show you everything you need to know to master Squarespace and take control of your site design.

What if I need some extra help?

Squarespace offers 24/7 support to help you out with any questions you might have related to Squarespace - you can find them here.

If you have questions about the Squarekit design itself, you can contact us using the form below.

Do I need to know code?

Nope! We’ve worked hard to make our themes as easy to use as possible - each theme comes with detailed video instructions to help you get everything setup just like the demo using the built-in Squarespace controls.


Squarespace Install + Demo Setup

What does the installation include?

A lot of great stuff! Our installation service includes a fully configured site set up just like the theme’s demo site. This includes:

  • Transfer of the selected Squarespace design to your Squarespace account within 24 hours
  • Site includes demo content (pages, posts, products, etc.) and graphics similar to those shown on the respective demo site
  • An instant download of all graphics files and templates to allow you to make your own customizations as needed
  • Immediate access to our step-by-step video tutorials and documentation

How long does installation take?

It’s pretty fast actually! Installations are usually completed within 24 hours from time of purchase. Please note that installations are only performed from Monday - Friday, excluding weekends and select holidays; in that case, the installation will be completed the following business day.

Do I need my own domain name and hosting?

Nope! Squarespace will handle it all for you.

Do I need a paid Squarespace account?

You can begin working on your site with a free trial account, however you will need a paid Squarespace account to publish your new site.

Do you offer customization services?

That would be awesome! But sadly our hands are quite full at the moment so we are unable to offer customization services.

Can you upload my content for me?

Unfortunately as everyone’s needs are different, we are unable to upload your content for you. Don’t worry though - our documentation makes it easy for you to add and edit your own content as needed until everything is juuuust right!

Anything else I should know?

You can read our full terms and policies for theme installations here.

Once you’ve purchased our Squarespace install + demo setup add-on you will receive an email from us once it has been completed.

What if I have a live Squarespace website?

Your new Squarespace site will be transferred to your existing account as a separate site - you’ll need to manually migrate any pre-existing content to your new site if you wish to keep it.


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