How to Create Cloaked Affiliate Links in Squarespace

Most business owners these days have some sort of affiliate marketing set up and featured on their website, social media channels, etc. Through affiliate marketing, you can earn commission by referring traffic to specific sites through your unique URL id. The company you partner with can track the number of visitors and customers they receive as a result of your affiliate link promotion.

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How to Use Squarespace Image Animations

Recently, Squarespace integrated a few new features for their users, and if you weren’t paying attention you may have missed one of our absolute favorites.

One of the coolest new features that you should know about is image animations. Think of it like Powerpoint slide transitions but more professional (and waaay cooler than Powerpoint, obvs).

Luckily what used to require a lot of custom coding can now be easily implemented into your Squarespace website design with just a few clicks using their free built in tools!

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How to Enable/Disable Comments in Squarespace (and why you want them)

Creating a platform for conversation with your website visitors is a great way to gain trust, position you as a go-to source for information and allow your audience to expand. Your blog is a huge gateway to accessing a new audience and keeping up with an existing one. A significant way we do this through our blog is by interacting with the comments.

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How (and Why) to Create Blog Post Templates in Squarespace

Streamlining any process is always a good idea when running a business. From content creation to taxes to inbox management, finding ways to get repetitive tasks done quicker is super helpful to have on hand.

In today’s post we are going to walk you through how to create a blog post template for your Squarespace website. This will save you time in the future from formatting and creating new blog layouts every time you have something to share.

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How to Create a Free Resource Library in Squarespace (and grow your email list!)

A resource library is one of the best lead magnets out there. Offering a resource library is one of the easiest ways to provide value to your site visitors in the form exclusive resources, all while simultaneously growing your email list by offering access only to those who subscribe.

This content can come in many forms—show off your expertise with exclusive articles, share your favorite tools and techniques, provide templates to help your readers get started quickly, or even offer workbooks to kickstart their creativity and productivity.

Making a resource library on your Squarespace site doesn’t require any premium software, tools, or custom code, it can easily be built using standard Squarespace functionality.

So what are you waiting for? Here are all the steps you need to build your very own resource library today!

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5 Strategic Ways to Use Summary Blocks in Squarespace

Easy to overlook, Squarespace summary content blocks are a great addition to many areas of your Squarespace website. More than just sharing your latest posts, they can provide additional click-through options for products, portfolio items, and testimonials - just to name a few.

Summary blocks can guide your website visitor and can even help keep them on your website longer, decreasing your bounce rate. Better yet, making your best content as easy as possible to find ensures your visitor get the information they need from you, and not somebody else online.

Through this post, we are going to walk you through five strategic ways to use summary blocks on your Squarespace site!

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