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The Latest Love

Monstera is one of my favorite themes on earth right now. There is a lot to love about this theme as someone who is monetizing information (and the presentation of that information) for a living.

Regina Anaejionu, byregina.com

Being a huge fan of Station Seven, and all they create, it was a no brainer choosing their Parker theme for the all new Design Seeds site. From the font, to the responsive design, to all they pack into their themes, I can personally vouch for their products. Choosing Parker for Seeds? Best decision ever.

Jessica Colaluca, design-seeds.com

Brit Kolo, jammarketinggroup.co

Station Seven has been amazing! Not only is the theme gorgeous, but the team has been so helpful. I was nervous, as I am new to WordPress, but they easily walked me through any of my questions. I am so happy and would highly recommend any of their products!

Kathleen McKenzie, wholesomehabits.blog

Crystal Truong, thefancycatstudio.com

Absolutely flawless! Love the design itself, but so impressed with the support page for a seamless setup. Would definitely recommend StationSeven!

Katie Raines, rainesorshine.com

Monstera is the best thing ever! The demo upload option is great, and worked super smoothly! The help pages are super useful and thorough and has solved many of my questions. Thank you for making this amateur blogger´s life much easier!

Pilar Suquilvide, elantitour.com

Chelsea Smith