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Support Policy

We’ve worked hard to make our themes as easy to use as they are on the eyes, and our help center exists to help you get the most out of your new design so you can launch your site in no time. We want to make that happen, that’s why we’re here to talk to you like a friend, get back to you in a timely manner, and provide you answers to the questions that not even Google can help you with.

With that being said, our support policy is in place to clearly outline what is and is not covered. We’re not required to offer this level of support, but we choose to do so because we know how nice it is to have a friendly voice on the other end when you’re having trouble getting the ball rolling.

Scope of Support

We are more than happy to help you with issues related to:

  • Installing one of our themes
  • Any of the theme features or settings
  • Updates to the WordPress platform and the impact on our theme
  • General bug fixes

We unfortunately cannot help you with:

  • Theme customizations or modifications
  • General WordPress questions and support
  • Third party plugins
  • Issues arising from user modifications to the theme’s code, styling or functionality

What’s covered (and what isn’t)

Our support system is in place to ensure that you are able to get your theme installed, configured and working for you just like the demo site of the respective theme, as easily as possible. We’re here to resolve any issues you might have with the installation process itself, getting any of the theme functionalities to work as shown, or fixing any bugs you might have found along the way.

Please understand that all design decisions have been consciously made by us to create a great looking theme – please use the features and functionalities of the theme as they were intended, as opposed to trying to modify it into something that looks and functions differently. We cannot help with theme customizations, or provide support for any issues caused by modification to the theme’s code, styling or functionality, whether performed by you or others.

We do not offer general support for the installation, administration or customization of the WordPress platform itself. The WordPress.org forums provide lots of WordPress specific advice and can help you with any WordPress related issues you might be facing. As well, never underestimate the power of a simple Google search.

We do not offer support related to third party plugins – any issues should be raised with that particular plugin’s author. All third party plugins should be disabled before submitting a support ticket.

We are unable to provide support related to your server or hosting configuration – these issues must be raised with your specific hosting provider.

Please understand that our products are designed to be DIY endeavors – a basic working knowledge of the respective software is required to get the most out of each product. Users requiring greater levels of support are encouraged to seek out a professional web developer for assistance with their web project.

Support Channels

Support must be requested through the proper channels to be received and responded to. To request support, please contact us through the form on our FAQ page here. We are unable to respond to support requests sent through other channels, e.g., Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, direct email, etc.

Reasonable Use

We do not place limits on the amount of support provided (within the scope outlined in this policy). Each user is entitled to a reasonable amount of support per product purchased, subject to a reasonable use clause. The definition of reasonable use is determined by Station Seven at our sole discretion. Customers deemed to be abusing our support services will be notified by Station Seven, and may be suspended from receiving support services at our discretion.

Abusive/Disrespectful Conduct

We reserve the right to suspend support services without notice for any user deemed to be abusive or disrespectful to our support team. We are an independent shop and have chosen to keep our team small and local to North America, and will not tolerate any abusive conduct.

Reporting Bugs

Each theme is rigorously tested before being packaged for sale, but hey, we’re human. We strive to resolve any bugs that are reported to us as soon as possible, and will include the appropriate patches in the next theme update.

Support Hours

We respond to support requests from Monday to Friday, and aim to respond to all questions within 24 hours. Please understand that more technical questions may take longer.

Refund Policy

Since our shop sells non-tangible digital products that cannot be returned or exchanged, we sadly cannot issue refunds after the purchase is made. Please be sure to thoroughly review the theme demos, WordPress requirements, and programs required for design kits prior to purchasing.

Install + Demo Setup Terms

By purchasing Station Seven’s theme install + demo setup service (also referred to as “installation,” “install service,” or other variation of the terms), you agree to the following terms as outlined below.

We aim to complete the theme install and demo setup within 24 hours from time of purchase; however please understand that this timeframe is not guaranteed. While we aim for less, actual time to completed installation may be longer than 24 hours; although infrequent, no compensation will be provided for delayed completion of services. In addition, please note that installations are only performed from Monday – Friday, and are not performed on weekends and select holidays. In that case, the installation will be completed the following business day.


  • Your own domain name with hosting
  • A fresh installation of WordPress.org (i.e., no existing content)
  • Admin level login credentials provided at time of purchase

The theme install + demo setup service includes the following:

  • Upload and activation of the purchased WordPress theme, as well as framework and/or child theme
  • Installation and activation of all recommended plugins
  • Import of all demo content, including pages, posts and photos (please note that Monstera includes grey placeholders only)
  • Configuration of website to match the look and appearance of the theme’s respective demo site

The theme install does not include:

  • Migration or upload of any existing website content or imagery
  • User specific configuration of the theme, including social media links, contact forms, logos, etc.
  • Customization of the theme in any form, including changes to the content, colors, layouts, functionality, etc.
  • Revisions of any kind
  • Purchase or setup of a domain name
  • Purchase or setup of server hosting
  • Installation of WordPress.org

This service is available for fresh WordPress installs only; the install cannot be performed on pre-existing websites.
Theme and installation service must be purchased directly from https://stnsvn.com
Station Seven reserves the right to decline or cancel any install order at any time.
In the event of an install order being cancelled, you will be refunded the total value of the installation service.
Due to the nature of digital goods, you will not be refunded the value of the selected theme files.

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