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How to Own Your Site Design With This Easy CSS Trick

Whether you're relatively new to rocking WordPress and Squarespace, or have been doing so for awhile, there's still so much to learn! Have you ever struggled to get rid of that one pesky element, but didn't feel like paying your developer friend or a stranger, and don't even want to go there with "child themes"? What are those anyway?

What if I told you there is a simple way to remove unwanted elements from your website without having to edit your theme files?

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How to Start a Blog in 10 Minutes or Less

Starting a new blog is one of those life moments that’s both exciting and scary at the same time. Like driving a car for the first time, the possibilities of the open road ahead of you can seem endless; at the same time your inexperience could also lead you to an awful crash on the roadside! Ok, so maybe starting a blog isn’t SO dramatic, but it can definitely be intimidating your first time.

Rest assured - we’re here to be your guide on this journey towards setting up your brand new blog on WordPress!

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How to DIY Your Brand + Stay on Budget

One of the most daunting things about starting a business, a blog or anything in today’s modern world is the technical, digital stuff. You might be able to justify the expense of hiring a lawyer to create your LLC or investing the time you need to create your products/services list, but a $5,000 custom website or pricey graphic designer fees? Whoa.

In the start-up stage, it may feel completely out of range and make you want to quit before you even get going. And still, those are all crucial elements for getting your business off the ground. 

So what’s a solopreneur or small business owner to do?  Today, I’m going to show you how you can, in fact, DIY your brand and stay on budget. And it doesn’t require being a techy, innately knowing CSS/HTML, or being some kind of online wizard.

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How to Add a Back to Top Button in WordPress

Have you ever gotten lost reading a blog because it's was just too good to stop? You get to the bottom of a long post and realized it's a long way back up.

If you want to make it easier for your readers to use your website or blog, this tutorial will show you how to add a Back to Top button to your WordPress site. They'll secretly be thanking you for making it easier to navigate your site!

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5 Ingredients for a Standout Blog Header

All of you bloggers already know that the number one rule of blogging is to write great content that your target audience will find useful. Writing great content is what will help you build your blog following and establish yourself as an expert in your niche.

But how do you attract those readers to begin with?

I hate to break it to you, but writing good content is not enough to capture potential readers. With so much new information and media your blog post could be getting lost in the mix. The way you market and share your blog can determine whether people will click through to read your posts. So I’m going to share 5 ingredients for a blog post image that can help get new eyes on that blog post and ensure that it stands out.

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How to Choose a Theme for Your Blog or Business

Deciding where to begin on your website (or business in general) can be tough! There can be a lot of moving parts and things to consider when deciding on a theme. Your blog or business' content, focus, and strategy are going to be big components on how to decide which theme will bring your site to life and really attract the readers and customers!

We’ve definitely been where you are and luckily have figured out a few strategies to help decide what theme’s work best for individual businesses, so here are a few guidelines on how to choose a theme for your blog or business.

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Own Your Site Design: An Intro to CSS for Bloggers

I’ve been noticing a popular selling point on website building platforms (Squarespace, Shopify, WordPress, etc.) these days that “no knowledge of code is required”. This is certainly a good thing; code sounds scary and looks scary too! But these are only half truths, because while code can certainly be scary, you don’t need a computer sciences degree to start making it work for you.

Stop shaking your head - I hope to make you a believer today, starting with CSS. Have you ever been looking at your website wishing you could change that one last little detail? Maybe it’s the font chosen for your post titles, the color of your footer, or more likely you simply want to hide that one unnecessary button.

What if I told you that yes, you can make these changes yourself - and without a web developer - using CSS!

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